• Compare to spray and powder, ARINIX™ have less impact on environment
  • It can last up to 3years indoor and 1 year for outdoor uses, save costs and time
  • Shapes and hardness can be choose
  • before and after installation of ARINIX

Using a technology that combines a plastic with an orderless pesticide, we have created an insect deterring product with an effective shelf life of 10 years.
ARINIX™ was originally developed for the automobile industry to prevent insect intrusion for up to 10 years, for which EPA registration was obtained.

AR Spiral Wrap
ARINIX Grommet
Model Number ΦD Φd Thickness L
ARS-10-305 12mm 10mm 0.8mm 305mm
ARS-20-305 23mm 20mm 1.25mm
ARS-30-305 33mm 30mm 1.25mm
AR Flat Bar
ARINIX Grommet
Model Number Width Thickness Length
ARFO-1520-305 20mm 2mm 305mm
AR Angle Bar
ARINIX Grommet
Model Number A B C L
ARLO-1508-305 8mm 15mm 1.5mm 305mm
ARLI-2020-305 20mm 20mm 1.5mm
ARLO-2020-305 20mm 20mm 1.5mm
AR Ring
ARINIX Grommet
Model Number Outer dia. Inner dia. Height
AR Ring 14 60mm 14mm 8mm
AR Ring 42 78mm 42mm
AR Grommet
ARINIX Grommet
Model Number A B C L
ARG-16-305 2mm 4mm 7mm 305mm
ARG-23-305 2mm 4mm 7mm
ARG-32-305 2mm 4mm 7mm
AR Back Bumper
ARINIX Grommet
Model Number I D T t L
ARBO-1911-305 20mm 11mm 7.4mm 1.2mm 305mm
AR Spiral Tower
ARINIX Grommet
Model Number A B C T t
ARST-16072 160mm 72mm 6.0mm 3.0mm 1.2mm
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