• Thin type rotary damper
  • Torque stability has improved
  • Soft landing of FDD, HDD, optical disk head
  • Soft eject mechanism of VTR, TV, CD

※ When examining, please confirm the detailed specification beforehand Practical example: Angle adjustment mechanism of the operation panel

  • RoHS Compliant
  • (Please contact us for ordering lot separately)

Product Specifications

Part Number Rated torque (cN · m)
Standard Type Gear Type
NRT-G4-150 NRT-G4-150-G1 G1 Gear specification module 0.5 Pressure angle 20 ° Number of teeth 14 PDC Φ 7.0 0.15±0.06
NRT-G4-200 NRT-G4-200-G1 0.20±0.07
NRT-G4-300 NRT-G4-300-G1 0.30±0.08
NRT-G4-450 NRT-G4-450-G1 0.45±0.10
NRT-G4-600 NRT-G4-600-G1 0.60±0.12
NRT-G4-800 NRT-G4-800-G1 0.08±0.16
NRT-G4-101 NRT-G4-101-G1 1.00±0.20

Note) Rated torque is the value at 23 ° C at 20 rpm.

Mounting Gear Specifications
Other Gear Specifications
Part Number 0512F 0811F
Type Standard Spur Gear
Teeth Involute false tooth
Module 0.5 0.8
Pressure Angle 20° 20°
Number of Teeth 12 11
Reference Pitch Circle Diameter 6.0 8.8
Gear Thickness 3.5