PCB Equipment

Non-Printing Label Feeder Cassette (LP SERIES)

  • Use with printed roll-type labels such as from a thermal printer
  • Use the LMG module (label peeling unit) for easy label removal according to the label size. This can also be used with all other non-printing-type cassettes
  • The LMG module has a label sensor, so when the mounter nozzle picks up one label and the label is removed, the next label is fed automatically by the motor drive. Therefore, there is no communication or signal exchange with the mounter

LMG Module

Operation Procedure


Supported label sizes Minimum:4mm(W)×4mm(H)
(Supported size may vary depending on material.) / Maximum mounting width: 42mm
Supported label roll specifications Paper or plastic tubes with 3-inch inner diameter
Maximum exterior size: 180 mm
(Size may vary depending on model.)
Supported label base material NIX STATINIX™
Static dissipative polyimide
Label feeding speed 53mm/SEC
Label cutting error
detection function
Power supply AC100V
(Some models come with connector that enables direct removal from mounter.)
Weight Depends on model. (Yamaha LPY is approx. 1.78 kg.)