About NIXAM®

Stands for NIXAM from NIX Advanced Materials ( Niguzamu ) , it is NIX original material.
We are making full use of accumulated over many years compound know-how , by blending the reinforcing agent and additives in the base resin of the plastic , the plastic of the metal , insect repellent , conductive , such as heat-resistant sliding property , has a special function , the impossible we have created a plastic material to allow.

Efforts to Material Development

Our plastic parts manufacturer in the product development stage , we have heard a variety of opinions of customers .
From time to time come out of the “Do not do I make this kind of parts in plastic ~” , “~ Do not for the performance of this resin material is good , if there is more heat-resistant .” The origin of our basic stance that produce out of nothing have , in response to customer requests , the Knicks will continue working on the material compound development aggressively .

Material Development Process

Product development in accordance with the needs of our customers .
It has custom correspondence . Please contact us first from here .

1. Pre-award meeting

Closely do the meeting and the first customer to determine the features that aim .

2. Creative Open Requested Procedure

Based on the performance we want to aim , staff and that you are familiar with the resin material at NIXAM Technology Center is around the development .
In the development , including the selection of the base resin , performed consistently up to the formulation of the reinforcing agents and additives , will strive to data collection in order to maximize realize now Senputo.

3. New Materials Evaluation

Use the internal and external state-of-the-art evaluation measuring instrument , perform a rigorous evaluation of the functionality .

4. Product Review

Material evaluation and at the same time , make the design to the form of the specific product . Molded at the factory , the prototype will be completed speedily .

5. Mass Production

It offers products that boast a high quality .