Heat Resistant Low Friction Plastic for Soft Metals

  • NIXAM 105
  • NIXAM 111
  • NIXAM 117
  • NIXAM 209
Function Versus soft metal heat-resistant sliding property
  • Low wear ability superior in which the PPS resin base
  • UL94 using the V-0 acquisition material
  • Excellent heat resistance (180 ℃) and chemical resistance
  • Two types of insulation type and conductivity type
  • It can be produced by injection molding , fit for mass production
Performance commentary

Under the evaluation under the following conditions , performs a journal sliding evaluation of 100 hours , it showed the difference between the amount of wear. Less is the most amount of wear bearing of NIXAM117, it became a form in which the bearing of NIXAM105 followed it.

In addition, in the case of the evaluation of the PPS of the typical sliding grade under the same conditions , we make sure that you are worn about twice the NIXAM bearing.

Intended use OA office equipment bearing such
Product Info

Case Study : LBP ( laser beam printer ) for pressurized roller bearing

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One point Commentary: sliding property

Sliding ( monks ) and a smooth flat surface and cylindrical surface is cylindrical points to the motion to be moved by sliding while rubbing each other. Or a resistance against the object, there is characteristic excellent in wear resistance. Generally silicone-based as a sliding agent, fluorine, is known a technique of adding such polymeric olefin. Allows a wide variety of friction control until the “stop” from “sliding” by the material. For example, say a product that takes advantage of the sliding performance, bearing that has the property to slide, the automotive brake that has the property to stop is typical.rty , has a special function , the impossible we have created a plastic material to allow.