Electrostatic Discharge Safe Conductive Plastic

  • NIXAM 240
Function ESD safe
  • 106~8resistance value of Ω
  • Low outgassing
  • Colorable

Under the evaluation under the following conditions, make the outgassing amount of evaluation, compared to the m-PPO Keishirubeden material and ABS Keishirubeden material, NIXAM static dissipative material (NIXAM240) it was found that the lowest outgassing amount.

Application Such as the production jig of HDD manufacturing process.
Additional Information

HDD assembly manufacturing tweezers, protective cover, trays, etc. Contact us for additional information.

One point Commentary: outgassing

The outgassing refers to the gas generated from a variety of organic materials. Jig, such as transport for the case to be used in the related products and a clean room of semiconductor manufacturing equipment has also been one of the causes. Organic materials, to induce the adhesion of the semiconductor wafer or a liquid crystal panel, has become a problem.