Heat Resistant Low Friction Plastic for Hard Metals

  • NIXAM 2
  • NIXAM 512B
Function Versus hard metal heat-resistant sliding property
  • Excellent heat resistance (180 ° C) based on PPS resin
  • Excellent chemical resistance such as acid, alkali, air conditioner refrigerant
  • By adding a sliding aid, it has better sliding properties than conventional PPS
  • Wear resistance, refrigerant resistance, oil resistance, high rigidity
  • Replacement of metal parts, weight reduction possible
  • NIXAM 2: High rigidity material with excellent sliding characteristics. Ideal for metal substitution
  • NIXAM 512 B: High fluidity material with excellent sliding properties. Thin-walled parts

Sliding evaluation was carried out under the following evaluation conditions and the difference in wear amount was shown.

We found that NIXAM 2 and NIXAM 512 B have very little wear.

In addition, we confirmed that wear of about 70 times of NIXAM was observed when evaluating the glass-filled PPS of general sliding grade under similar conditions.

Applications Oil pump parts, tip seals, etc.
Additional Information

Tip seal used for
scroll type air conditioner

Oil pump used for scroll type air conditioner

Fluorine fiber blending high sliding bearings used for air conditioner

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One point comment: Compression principle of scroll compressor

The main parts of the scroll compressor consist of orbiting scroll and fixed scroll. As the orbiting scroll swirls from 1 → 2 → 3 → 4, air is sucked in between the fixed scroll and the orbiting scroll, and the volume gradually decreases towards the center. When the air reaches a certain high pressure state, it is pushed out from the discharge port. The tip seal keeps high airtightness of the air compression space between the swiveling / fixed scroll and avoids contact with the swiveling / fixed scroll, and prevents damage.