PCB Equipment


Our NIKKO Carrier Tape Trays are perfect for all SMD applications including: reuse, evaluation, and separation.
Carrier tape trays are easily mounted with SMT machines and can be used for short carrier tapes.

  • Set the tape guide (4mm pitch)
  • Put the carrier tape into the tape guides
  • Secure the carrier tape using stopper pin
  • Set the carrier tape tray in your mounter


Model Number NCAJ-S
Outer Dimension 230(W) X 355(D) X 20(H)mm
Tape guide 5 (able to set 4 different width tapes)
Height of component Maximum 10mm
Optional Tape guide
The width of Carrier Tape Tray Maximum number of
Carrier Tape strips
8 mm (0.35inch) 12
12mm (0.47inch) 10
16mm (0.63inch) 8
24mm (0.94inch) 6
32mm (1.26inch) 5
44mm (1.73inch) 3
56mm (2.21inch) 3
74mm (2.91inch) 2