NK Cert Series: Double Adjustment Type

  • Compatible with M-size loaders and unloaders.
  • Same reference position for both top and bottom corners. (Can be used upside down.)
  • Cardguide construction that can handle heated PCBs after reflow enables two types of magazine racks (135°C and 165°C types). Note: These withstand temperatures do not apply to the entire magazine rack. Magazines should not be placed in the oven.
  • Compatible with standard specifications of SMT equipment manufacturers. Note: Be sure to check your specifications upon ordering.
  • Unparalleled delivery performance with superior accuracy and quality without distortion.
  • Equipped with four guide channels.


  • Spring-type stopper bars
  • Numbering labels

Specifications (mm)

Model No. Max. Tolerant Temperature for Cardguide Outer Dimensions Adjustable Width Base Material Ref. Position Pitch P PCB Slots Weight (kg) Size
NKAJ-0310N3-WG 60°C 355 320 563 30~100 Plastic 34 34 10 100 6.4 M
NKAJ-0310R3-WG 135°C 355 320 563 30~100 Plastic 34 34 10 100 6.6
NKAJ-0310SR3-WG 165°C 355 320 563 30~100 Plastic 34 34 10 100 6.6

* All standard models are shipped partially assembled. Complete assembly is optional. * All specifications are subject to change without notice.