Carrier Tape Tray
  • For reusing SMD
  • For SMD evaluation
  • For short carrier tapes
  • For separated SMD
  • Easy quick mounting with SMT machine
  • before and after installation of Arinix

Easy to Set Up
  1. 1. Set the tape guide (4mm pitch)
  2. 2. Put the carrier tape into the tape guides
  3. 3. Secure the carrier tape using stopper pin
  4. 4. Set the carrier tape tray in your mounter

Arinix Grommet
Model Number NCAJ-S
Outer Dimension 230(W) X 355(D) X 20(H)mm
Tape guide 5 (able to set 4 different width tapes)
Height of component Maximum 10mm
Optional Tape guide

The width of Carrier Tape Tray Maximum number of
Carrier Tape strips
8 mm (0.35inch) 12
12mm (0.47inch) 10
16mm (0.63inch) 8
24mm (0.94inch) 6
32mm (1.26inch) 5
44mm (1.73inch) 3
56mm (2.21inch) 3
74mm (2.91inch) 2

Note)If you would like to put more than 5 carrier tapes on one Carrier Tape Tray, you will need to add extra tape guides

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